Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spring is Finally Here...Just in Time for Summer

It hasn't snowed in a couple of weeks so I am going to say that Spring is officially here. Now watch, it will snow tomorrow. We've had a busy couple of months so far-new babies, end of school coming up and lots of activities. Miss Fiona finally arrived last Monday to everyone's relief. Christin had been in the hospital for a week trying to get her blood pressure down, they tried to induce her but baby wouldn't cooperate, so she had a c-section on Monday. Fiona is stinkin' cute and looks just like her mama.

Whip had his end of the year preschool circus- he was a tiger and he had to do tricks and jump through the ring of fire. The night before he had stage fright and was very nervous that he wouldn't be able to jump through without his tail touching. It was hard not to laugh, but I tried my best to reassure him that no one would notice if it happened to touch the fake flames.

Lillie had her dance recital last night, she did great. Her songs were "Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend" and "Carwash." I usually dread sitting through dance recitals but this one wasn't too bad and it went quickly. I was a little nervous for her at the dress rehearsal because she seemed kind of lost, but she got comfortable and just had fun at the performance. She loves costumes and getting makeup on- she's so grown up already.

Finally, I just had to share this little tidbit. This is a conversation I had with Whip while waiting in a drive thru--
Whip: "Bulldozers are convenient, huh, Mom."
Me: (trying not to laugh) " What did you say?"
Whip: "Bulldozers are convenient."
Me: " Yes, I guess they are"
(Silence for a moment.)
Whip: "What does convenient mean?"


Joel & Lila said...

I love updates like this! So cute! I am glad you could be at the crossroads for Whip's stage fright..imagine if you weren't there to comfort him...he would have had a hard time jumping through that flame with confidence. Joel likes that you referred to Whip as such instead of Harrison. I loved going to the dance recital. Highlight of my weekend I think! Some day you should quiz Whip and Lillie about different questions and post their answers, that would be funny...."the fun of man is now the fun of girls!"

Marnie Strasser said...

My favorite part was Whip in his tiger costume and that he was afraid of the ring of fire! haha! Lillie is super cute and I miss her a lot! I wish I could have seen her dance!!!

Leon and Janie said...

I didn't know you had a blog! The kids are so adorable!